Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NEW T-shirt Armguard !!!

Got lots of short sleeve t-shirt but cannot wearing them outside? Wut about wearing a pair of armguard that is it too fit to your hand? Or wearing inner that will make u feel hot? Here is the solution....

Jom dapatkan t-shirt armguard!!!

Ciri-ciri yang best :
  • comes in size S, M, L, XL and XXL.
  • getah yang tidak terlalu ketat spt armguard yg lain.
  • just nice tu wear with short sleeve
  • ada 6 colour: putih, hitam, grey, cream, beige, choclate

Details size (Panjang, Ukur lilit sarung lengan)

  • Saiz S : (16", 8"-8.5")
  • Saiz M : (16", 8.5"-9")
  • Saiz L : (17", 9"-10")
  • Saiz XL : (17", 9"-11")
  • Saiz XXL : (17.5", 10.5"-11.5")

Stok in hand:

  • Saiz S : grey,krim, beige
  • Saiz M: grey, hitam, krim, beige, coklat
  • Saiz L : grey, putih, hitam, beige, coklat
  • Saiz XL : grey, putih, hitam
  • Saiz XXL : hitam, beige

*utk saiz dan warna yg tiada stok, u ols leh request k..but kne ada deposit ye

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